COVID-19 is a strain of corona virus, which itself is an enveloped virus.

Examples of other enveloped viruses include:

- Chicken Pox - HIV - Influenza A - Hepatitis B - Hepatitis C

Outside of the body, envelope viruses lack the essential systems necessary for metabolic function. However, once they have infected the host, they are far from inactive, and can induce a cell's own mechanics to reproduce.

In addition to there presently being no vaccine for COVID-19, there are currently no products proven to be effective against this latest strain of the corona virus. This is because it's a relatively new outbreak, and getting a viral claim approved by a regulatory agency can take about a year.

So, can we provide a service that destroys COVID-19?

At this time of typing, we have adopted the United States EPA ‘hierarchy-based’ policy. This outlines that if products have been found to be effective against a harder-to-kill non-envelope virus, such as norovirus or rhinovirus, it is likely to destroy a virus like COVID-19.

Should you be unable to obtain such products, then you should look for one which claims to kill Human Coronavirus, because they “expect” they will be effective against SARS-CoV-2 (the cause of COVID-19).

Needless to say, the products we use at the Cosmic Cleaning Company, are not only effective against previously known coronavirus, but also those harder to destroy non-envelope viruses such as norovirus.

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